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Why West?

May 2018

I’d love to get a pound for every time someone has asked me why WEST is called WEST. Believe it or not, there is more than one answer and they are ALL the right answer.

WEST is a proud West of Scotland business and our home city of Glasgow has truly shaped us. Our beer garden on Glasgow Green faces due West and we must get the best sunsets of any beer garden in the country.

However, one saying that, to me, conjures up a real sense of adventure (and starting a brewing business is definitely an adventure!) is “Go WEST young man” (or in my case, young woman!) which is possibly the main reason. When I was a little girl, my Bavarian granddad Georg (“Schorschi” to his friends) used to read me old Karl May novels about cowboys and Indians and I have been hooked on Westerns ever since. Life is one big adventure and much as I am not sure I would have truly loved the idea of travelling in a wagon without a loo through the bumpy plains of the Wild WEST, I do love an adventure or two.

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