Petra Wetzel Petra Wetzel

“This is a sector I’ve operated in for over a decade and I’m getting fed up being the only woman in the room, or the token female speaker at business events.”

Petra M Wetzel

For many years I felt like the “token female” at business conferences and food & drink events and, having got bored of being the only woman in the room, I decided to use some of the money I had earned from running WEST to give something back to the country that “has shaped me” into who I am today.

The aim for ‘WEST Women’ is to help more female entrepreneurs exploit the many opportunities that exist within Scotland’s burgeoning food and drink sector. It provides seed capital and other financial assistance to emerging female entrepreneurs operating within the sector.

‘WEST Women’ hopes to help other female-led businesses grow and develop their operations throughout Scotland, and I am confident that the initial £100,000 fund from 2016 will increase significantly over the years ahead as we reap the rewards of investment by a female entrepreneur in future generations of female entrepreneurs.

Money is only one part of the ‘WEST Women’ project; the other is helping with my ‘little black (or WEST red!) book’ and experience from female to female entrepreneur. I think that’s as important as the cash.

I’ve met many talented, intelligent and hard-working women since launching the ‘WEST Women’ fund, and have made some wonderful connections in a variety of businesses.

Through WEST Women, I am hugely proud to have helped establish UTOPIA, a delicately flavoured, unsweetened drinks brand which aims to get children and adults to drink water instead of sugary fizzy drinks. To find out more about this exciting new drinks company, please visit the website HERE.

I am a huge believer in karma and serendipity, and possibly the weirdest and most wonderful outcome of setting up WEST Women was that a crazy man from 4000 miles away contacted me to help one one his female friends in Scotland via the fund. That man is Martin, who is now my husband. Every good deed…

I am convinced that there are still many more female-led businesses that could benefit from significant investment so please do get in touch if you would like to find out a little bit more click here

Are you ready for the challenge?

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