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When I started WEST, I had never even finished a pint of beer myself. It didn’t matter. I knew I had a good idea, and I knew I had the drive and determination to make it a success.

I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. Surrounding myself with people who understand the drinks industry has been so important for the success of WEST.

It definitely helps that I’m nosy. I like knowing what makes people tick, and what key life moments have influenced how they think and how they act. In the past 10 years in the brewing and hospitality industries I have met so many interesting people and have learned things, both good and bad, from all of them.

I also think it’s really important to keep meeting new people. If anyone gets in touch for business advice, or to ask about what we do, I’m always happy to speak to them. Who knows what I might learn in return? They might be the key to my next big adventure!

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