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Choosing Your Team

Nobody will ever work quite as hard for your business as you do yourself. Once you’ve accepted this, the hiring and management process gets much easier!

It’s been a learning curve, but these days when I’m looking for additional people for the WEST team I ask myself two things:

Will I like working with them?

Do they have the technical expertise needed to do the job?

Life is too short to work with people you don’t get on with at all. However, it doesn’t matter if they’re your best friend in the world – they need to have the skills and experience behind them to ensure the business is in safe hands.

I often remind people that life is too short to do something you aren’t happy doing. After all, you spend more of your waking hours doing your job than just about anything else! I’m really lucky that I LOVE what I do, and the more people I have around that are happy with their position at WEST, the better it is for me, them, and the business.

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